Goodman® Business Toolbox


High-Efficiency Sales Workshop (2-Day)

This class offers a systematic and interactive approach to selling premium comfort to consumers rather than selling a limited choice of options. Incorporating Weldon Long’s Prosperity Mindset™ process, you will learn to how to overcome the psychological impediments that often limit success. The Goodman Business Toolbox High-Efficiency Sales Process will allow you to craft your own unique repeatable process which will include some of the latest HVAC sales tools. Attendees leave the workshop energized, motivated and committed to making immediate behavioral changes that may result in higher closing rates, higher overall tickets and a higher balance of high-efficiency sales.

Customer Service Performance Workshop (1-Day)

Have you ever called a customer service support line and were unsure if the professional on the other end of phone was a robot or an actual person? Or maybe you do get lucky and it is an actual person, yet they sound completely apathetic to your situation and like you are imposing on them? This has probably happened to you or someone you know within the last couple of months. Customer Experience is what it is all about in today’s marketplace. Consumers don’t often buy based off of how much something is, they buy off of how they feel and the experience they received. We don’t want you to be just another person who answers a phone. We want you to have all of the skills, education, practice, and support that you need to know how to go above and beyond for your customers. We want you to create WOW experiences. When customers have a WOW experience, they become loyal to you and will come back to you again, and again, and again.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn to give customers a positive experience while on the phone.
  • Master the skills on how to overcome pricing objections, work with difficult customers, and book calls even when you’re booked solid.
  • Develop competency, confidence, muscle memory, and understanding of customer sensitivity.
  • Create loyalty and retention by learning best practices in phenomenal customer service.
  • Obtain industry-standard tools to help master call-handling and booking.

Upon completion of this workshop, each phone staff attendee will receive 2 free individual follow-up coaching sessions with call monitoring and quality checking. Both inbound and outbound scenarios are discussed.

Consumer Financing Workshop (1/2 Day)

Nearly 50% of home improvement jobs over $5,000 are financed. Successful implementation of financing is much more than simply saying, “We offer financing.” This class will teach attendees how to implement financing into every facet of their business to become profitable. Contractors who use financing on a consistent basis tend to close more jobs and sell more high-efficiency systems.

These half-day programs may help contractors understand the current financial state of the consumer, homeowners’ budget obstacles, and how to help those customers with credit challenges.

Contractors learn how to set up a financing partner and how to fund projects and missed opportunities.

Targeted Marketing Workshop (2-Day)

In this class, an attendee will receive an analysis of their existing customer base to help them understand who their customers are, their lifestyle and behaviors. They will also understand how much market share they have, and what they can do to gain more market share. Based on this information, they will be able to create a detailed marketing strategy and plan — in class. Individuals will obtain a broad scope and specific implementation strategies for all media channels — specifically all digital tools. Basic online marketing will be layed-out in an easy to understand – 12 Step – prioritized basis. Because contractors from various backgrounds, length in business, experience and geographic areas will be in the workshop, each person will gain valuable insights from other contractors.

All participants will walk away with a strategy for expanding their existing customer base and how to reach their prime targeted prospects. They will especially learn how to balance seasonal, economic, and industry fluctuations. Attendees will also learn how to leverage the Goodman program benefits and the tools available through their vendor partners. To capstone the class, students will learn how to track results of various marketing channels and messages in order to maximize a company’s business investments.

Marketplace Pricing Workshop (2-Day)

Pricing is not based on cost, but on what the market will bear. In this two-day workshop, participants will learn how to align their pricing strategy with their branding strategy. They will also learn how, over the last 10 years, consumer buying habits have changed and how we can match our pricing strategy with demand during the busy season and throughout the rest of the year.
Participants will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how to read a profit & loss statement and how to departmentalize their business. They will be introduced to the Residential Replacement model and understand whether they should be using time & material or flat rate pricing. Finally, they will evaluate the value proposition and pricing strategies of a maintenance agreement program and determine how to incorporate it into their business.
Participants will walk away with the following:
  • A theoretical production analysis of their business
  • Maintenance and service pricing built in Coolfront
  • Replacement pricing built in Perfect Pitch powered by Wrightsoft.
This is not a theoretical class. This is an implementation workshop focused on giving you the edge in your marketplace. It can take weeks, if not months — sometimes a lifetime! — to develop a fully integrated pricing strategy. Proper pricing is the backbone of any successful business and this workshop will give you that in two days, rather than two months.

Fast Track Tech™ (2 Weeks)

With qualified technician shortages on the rise, business owners are looking for a source of well-trained, ready-to-work, technicians now. This expertly-constructed training course is one of the most in-depth courses offered in our industry today. This is the ultimate boot camp for individuals excited about the opportunity to work in the HVAC field. Each attendee receives training in areas specific to the “need to know” information of the Maintenance Technician and Installation Helper. Attendees study the basic competencies of airflow, electrical, combustion, refrigeration, indoor air quality, safety. At the end of the course, they should be eligible to receive their EPA certification and become NATE-certified. Fast Track Tech™ training also covers technician communication skills, flat-rate pricing and Service Work Orders.

Perfect Pitch Setup Workshop (1-Day)

This workshop is primarily geared towards the individuals who will be administrator on the account. It is a hands-on-training course specifically for contractors who have already purchased the Perfect Pitch software and are looking to become more efficient with the tool. Contractors learn how to set up and customize their Wrighsoft Perfect Pitch platform. They learn how to fully utilize all of the software’s tools and functions. Participants will learn how to customize and create their “About Us” presentation; how to set up tiered financing strategies; how to import company pricing, and how to select the equipment they want their salesforce focusing on with customers.

High-Performance Service and Maintenance Workshop (2-Day)

Today’s HVAC equipment is more sophisticated and demanding than ever before. Proper HVAC system installation and repair requires mastering various methods to help keep customer’s homes comfortable and energy-efficient. In this course you will:
  • Learn why accurate measurements are required to ensure high-performance operation of the HVAC systems they service.
  • Get exposed to the latest tools, instruments, and procedures used by high-performance contractors that help keep their customers comfortable.
  • Perform real-world exercises using the National Comfort Institute’s latest airflow measurement tool, AirMaxx™, that will be installed on each student’s mobile device and used during the workshop.
  • Focus on understanding and implementing a high-performance service call sequence to help keep HVAC systems humming at peak efficiency.
  • Learn to uncover hidden opportunities to improve your customer’s service experience using maintenance agreements, accessories, and system upgrades.
  • Learn a “measure, don’t guess” attitude to significantly help improve results when this philosophy is incorporated in their daily lives.

High-Performance Sales and Install Workshop (2-Day)

While many HVAC contractors believe that “low-bid” is the only way to win new customers, high-performance contractors know better. In this course you will:
  • Learn how to become a professional HVAC contractor who sells and delivers high-performance indoor comfort systems all year long, not just during extreme-weather months.
  • Learn ways to increase profits and increase referrals for premium systems designed and installed.
  • Gain a better understanding of how to properly discuss high-performance HVAC systems with customers.
  • Get exposed to the mechanics when installing various system components and learning to be better prepared to offer work crews proper installation solutions.
  • Learn what top Comfort Advisors tell customers so they can follow through in delivering what’s been offered.
  • Learn proper HVAC system setup and commissioning using the latest tools and techniques.

Business Planning Bootcamp

What if you could have the time, money and freedom that you’ve always wanted? Join us for an exclusive opportunity to dissect your unique business and create a roadmap to a higher quality of life! As a business owner, you deserve that! In the first half of this one day workshop, you will create a detailed review of your company’s capabilities, financial positions and the markets that you serve.

After lunch, you will dive into the day-to-day operations of your company to establish specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for your business. Facilitated by experienced HVAC Trainers, you and your peers will discuss the impact these Key Performance Indicators have on your daily operations, address current challenges and examine how adjusting small processes and behaviors can have a huge impact on your overall probability. Lastly, now that you have dissected your business, established your KPI’s and realized the impact they have on your company’s success, you will actually setup these KPI’s to track on a daily, monthly and annual basis. Leave this class with an established plan and detailed process to facilitate success so you can have the time, money and freedom you deserve!

Register today! Space is limited to the first 100 people to sign-up. To register, visit Don’t miss your chance to attend this dynamic workshop!

The business toolbox programs are presented by Goodman and administered by third-party training organizations. All training programs are designed to support independent HVAC contractors who sell Goodman® brand products. Any costs for the training programs are determined and charged directly by the third-party training organizations.

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Advanced High Efficiency Sales Workshop (Selling with TRUST)

This is a 3 1/2 Day, intensive workshop. In addition to classroom instruction, there are three challenging one-on-one role-plays, recording of the final role-play, personalized performance feedback and lots more. All Sales tools, strategies and tactics will be discussed and practiced. The graduates will be prepared and confident to immediately engage in sales calls with the expectation to close high-end system sales. Class size is limited to allow one-on-one coaching.

There will be an initial one-hour phone conversation to establish goals and objectives and creating an individual training plan. The training plan will include self-study of the Selling with T.R.U.S.T. In-Home Sales Call process using online and DVD instructional sales tools. The Sales manager will be involved in making sure the plan is followed and provide ongoing direction and support for the participant.

All Participants will need the following before attending this Advanced High Efficiency Sales Workshop:

  • Cookbook or similar pricing tool for use at the kitchen table
  • At least two financing programs and competency with the application process
  • A High Efficiency, Better Efficiency and Good Efficiency worksheet (Software or form)
  • A whole-house load calculation form or software
  • A photo-testimonial Collection (Before and After job photos and customer testimonials)
  • A professional Company presentation (Tablet or Flipbook)
  • A company-logoed folder for homeowner leave-behind materials

Digital Marketing & Lead Generation Workshop (2-Day)

50% of the major Technology Advancements have happened in the past 2 Years – causing businesses who were the most advanced in their industry to drop in results and new businesses with an eye for the future to take over. If you aren’t talking about the following with your marketing agency, you will not want to miss this class:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Voice Search
  • Mobile First
  • Schematic Markup
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • PHP7+
  • WordPress 5.0+
  • Google Moments
  • Content Marketing
  • Streaming Video / Video

This is the ultimate Branding, Digital Marketing and Lead Generation class for HVAC Entrepreneurs. During this 2 day course, our educators will bring you through the 12 Step Roadmap to Compete and Achieve Accelerated Results in today’s high tech environment. The digital era has created a more level playing field, allowing the small businesses to compete with the industry giants, and win. Changes in consumer buying habits have created a rapid sequence of technology and marketing trends and compliance requirements for business owners technology, marketing and overall strategic approach.

Get Organized:

During this class we will help you get setup and organized for success. Bring your laptops, log in’s and let’s get busy. In order to implement an effective marketing strategy we need to knock out the technology basics. Those basics includes: Google, Domain Registrars, Social Sites, Bookmarks, etc.:

  • Ensuring you have ownership of your most valuable assets
  • Properly configuring your digital assets
  • Setting up and claiming ownership of digital assets you can’t ignore

The Audit: Evaluating and Prioritizing current Digital Position, Technology & Compliance

  • Website, Schema, AMP, PHP7+ WP 5.0+, Web Hosting / Email Hosting, Security
  • Content
  • CRM/Online Scheduling
  • Social Media Sites
  • Local Directory Listings, AI and Voice
  • Reviews – On Page, Third Party, Schematic Markup
  • SEO Rankings
  • Blogging, Content Audit & Enhancements
  • Email and Text Marketing, Database Management, Referrals, Repeat
  • Video
  • Paid Advertising
  • Mobile App

The Design: A 12 – 24 Month Marketing Roadmap

Not only will you leave with a thorough Audit, but you will have a 100 page workbook outlining your strategic plan, top priorities and major marketing milestones. This class will provide you with the roadmap for the next 2 years!

Class Goal: Design your Custom Roadmap
  • Clarity – we will get clear on where you are, where you want to go
  • Focus – we will identify the high leverage activities to focus on to make progress
  • Execute – we will map out an execution plan to help you achieve your goals
Class Goal: Understand the Basics of Effective Target Marketing
  • What you want to sell
  • Where you want to sell it
  • Ensure you are an option
  • When and where consumers are searching
  • You look good when they get there
Class Goal: The 12 Step Roadmap to Achieve Accelerated Results – Create Priority List
  • Do the right things
  • In the right order
  • At the right time
Class Goal: Define the Strategic Mindset to Make Continual Progress
  • What Works – Do More of It
  • What Doesn’t Work – Reallocate it to Something that Does
  • What’s Next – What are we not doing yet that we need to implement

IAQ Principles Workshop (2-Day)

Customers are increasingly aware that indoor air quality (IAQ) may have a significant impact on their indoor comfort. For many homeowners, IAQ is not an accessory, it’s an essential need. HVAC dealers who are trained to identify, evaluate and resolve IAQ issues are more likely to seize, and close, these value-added sales opportunities.

Concepts discussed in this two-day IAQ Principles Workshop, include:

  • Carbon Monoxide awareness and monitoring
  • Humidity control and removal
  • Whole-home ventilation
  • HVAC filtration options
  • Air and duct purification
  • Ductwork essentials

During the IAQ Principles workshop, participants will discover:

  • Methods to properly investigate IAQ concerns
  • Techniques to analyze the IAQ data
  • Appropriate solutions to help achieve customers’ ideal comfort zone

At the end of the IAQ Principles workshop, attendees should be energized, motivated, and prepared to assess indoor air management solutions with customers. Also, participants will have the tools necessary to improve customer satisfaction through a wide variety of IAQ solutions, and drive their HVAC business beyond heating and cooling services.

How to Create Reoccurring Revenue Through Maintenance Agreements and Home Automation (2-Day)

This two day course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about the Smart Home and Comfort Home. The course is designed to simplify the complexity of this new revenue stream and equip you with a full working knowledge and get you started with Comfort Home.

In this course, we discuss the following:

  • The Importance of Recurring Monthly Revenue in your Business
  • Best Practices – Service Agreements and How to Bundle Comfort Home
  • The Comfort Home Business Strategy
  • The Platform, Competition and Differentiation
  • Connected + Protected Kits and how to go to market
  • MobileTech installation tool
  • Dealer Website Management Portal
  • Customer Site and Experience
  • Available Help and Resources
  • FAQ’s

Marketing Summit (1-Day)

Marketing can be confusing and expensive. Getting your message out to your market is harder today than ever before because of the many channels available to consumers. Today more than ever before we are living in an experiential marketplace and need to know what experience our customers are looking for.

Participants will work on developing a marketing strategy for their company, including a branding strategy, customer profile strategy, media strategy and messaging strategy for the services they provide. Once the overall strategy is developed participants will identify the advertising resources that are available to them and which ones fit into their budget. All of this will be put into action as we work to define the customer journey and how that fits into the overall customer experience.

Technical Training

Goodman offers training for HVAC dealers and service based contractors. Courses are broken down into two categories: General and Product Specific. Some of the training sessions offered as general topics include: Air Distribution Troubleshooting, Superheat & Sub-Cooling, Evacuation & Charging, Indoor Air Quality(IAQ) and troubleshooting individual components. Component troubleshooting focuses on how a specific part functions, and guides you to properly diagnose the component should a problem occur. Individual components include compressors, metering devices, motors, and economizers.

The Goodman Brand Business Toolbox is a service of independent third party service providers for independent dealers. Actual results are not implied.